Dodo Air iPhone 5/5S/SE Case - Frosted Transparent

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Apple Logo Visibility

Pretty much see-through. Extreme visibility of the Apple logo. For those who can't let it go.

Apple logo visibility depends on various factors such as the color of the iPhone, lighting conditions, etc.

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Why buy a beautiful phone only to cover it with an ugly case?

Cases by CaseDodo lets you protect your iPhone with adding little or no bulk. You won't feel a case on. Sense naked iPhone with scratch and light bump protection.

These cases make more sense than any other. They're the perfect medium. You do not have to use your iPhone naked because these cases will make sure your iPhone doesn't become heavy or thick. And you do not have to use the heavy and bulky protection which isn't even useful most of the times, and at the cost of ruining its original looks and aesthetic, not at all.

- Translucent design: These cases have a Translucent design (except the Jet Black case), which makes the Apple logo visible and enhances the beauty of the device.
- Camera Lens Protection: These cases also have a subtle lip around the camera cutout, which protects the protruding camera lens in the newer iPhone devices.
- Minimal: Completely branding free, with no logos or brand marks. As we said, your iPhone, as it is.
- Barely there: 0.35 mm thin and 2 grams. You won't even know it's protecting your iPhone.
- Non-slippery Matte Finish
- Closed Bottom Design
- Premium Plastic Construction

You ruin the design which took engineers weeks, months or probably years to design with so much perfection. The iPhone looks beautiful without a case, and our cases keep it as beautiful as it is, as beautiful as it should be.


- 0.35 mm Thin
- 2 grams
- Camera Lens Protection
- Precise cuts: Speaker grill, lightning port, earphone jack (iPhone 6 series), physical volume buttons, profile toggles key, lock button.

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