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This deserves more than 5 stars!!

Was really irritated by the jarring sides and halo that was left on the sides of the previous screen protector i was using which didn't cover edge to edge.
I was apprehensive at first but went in for this shield anyways and i have been pleased beyond anything i expected. All the doubts i had simply vanished after i applied this! Details below:
1- I was concerned whether the screen portion had glue or not- It does!
2- i was confused whether the sides were glass or not- They are and are seemless with the screen.
3- was wary whether the black sides would be color matched- They are perfectly black and will hopefully remain that way.
4- was concerned whether the sides curved into the phone edges in a thoughtful manner or not- They do and are practically the same curvature as the phone screen was.
The phone just looks like a chubbier version of itself (which is sort of cute) and the screen appears somewhat deeper inside the body but doesn't take away from the experience when combined with the luster black case.
All in all, casedodo has made a customer for life. Thanks.
PS- i like the shield so much that this is probably the longest review i have ever written for something as simple as a screenguard. This product is that good.

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Patrick J

Best case I've ever bought

This case is absolutely perfect. After I cracked my iPhone screen last year, I've been careful about cases. The thing about cases that are designed for protection instead of decoration, is that they are so ugly. This CaseDodo one is absolutely beautiful, though! So thin and minimal, and I feel like my phone is so safe! It's a nice, snug fit - the case doesn't slip off in your bag or pocket, and it isn't so tight that you can't ever take it off. And the colours are excellent! True to the pictures. And for only 700 bucks! I've gotten so many compliments on the case. I've referred two of my colleagues to this website already. I'm going to buy more for sure.

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Sanjana B

Perfect case for the minimalists.

The case dodo cases are the perfect choice for those who are minimalists. I really love the Apple design and I have to put something on top of it which adds any bulk. But these cases from case dodo are really good in making sure no visible bulk and also give a beautiful look enhancing the Apple original design. The fact that it doesn't have any branding on the case makes it even better. I have seen cases from Peel which are of similar design but very difficult to get due to shipping issues. Case dodo is well worth the money and shipping is also good. Only if you could make the shipping time shorter it would've been even an amazing experience. I have recommended the cases already for many of my colleagues and I have already bought some more them and they are really happy. Keep up the good job case dodo.

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Andrews L

Slick and feels amazing. Well crafted.

I found this cover through instagram, and ordered the pack of 3 covers. Found it pretty affordable for the quality. The best quality cover I have come so far. I've tried spiegen as well as skech which are at least 3 times as expensive as this. Loving it every second.

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Sahil A


We don't JUST want to make one-of-the-best cases for iPhone - we want to make THE BEST case for iPhone. For you, for us, and for the iPhone of course. Top of the list is on our top of the list. And we need your help in doing so, we need your feedback. What do you say?



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